4 Environmental Emergencies TAS Environmental Services Can Resolve

Environmental emergencies can strike at any time. Unfortunately, the long-term effects of an environmental issue can be deadly to wildlife and humans if they go unresolved.

TAS Environmental Services specializes in mitigating the effects of specific and dangerous environmental situations through environmental remediation.

Here’s a look at 4 of the biggest environmental emergencies our team can handle.

Oil Spills

Oil spills are one of the most dangerous environmental disasters that can occur. They can have devastating impacts on wildlife, ecosystems, and human health. 

Common causes include tanker accidents, pipeline rupturing, illegal dumping, and offshore drilling operations releasing petroleum into the ocean. 

Oil spills can also be caused by natural events such as hurricanes which may damage infrastructure and cause an uncontrolled release of crude oil into surrounding waters. 

The effects of an oil spill depend on various factors including weather conditions, type of oil spilled, geographic location, size of spillage area, etc. Still, all cases will inevitably lead to serious damage for both people and nature if not effectively managed in time.

TAS Environmental Services can quickly come to your community’s aid for the oil spill cleanup. We will seal off the area, prevent further spread, clean and remediate the environment the oil spill affected. Our emergency response team is available 24/7 for immediate action in the wake of an oil disaster.

Groundwater Pollution

Groundwater pollution is the contamination of naturally occurring beneath-the-surface aquifers and soil. It can happen in a variety of ways, including seepage from landfills, industrial waste disposal sites, usage of pesticides and herbicides, leaking sewer systems, and petroleum fuel spills. 

When polluted groundwater reaches drinking water sources such as wells and springs, it becomes a significant health hazard for communities that rely on this resource for their daily needs. In some cases, polluted groundwater may leach harmful chemicals into the air due to naturally occurring evaporation processes. This phenomenon is known as atmospheric dispersion, which contributes to further environmental deterioration when left unchecked.

Indicators of groundwater contamination vary depending on the type of pollutant, but some common signs of this problem include an unusual taste or smell in the water, changes in the water’s color or clarity, and floating debris in the water itself.

Environmental Remediation services from TAS can be utilized to remove groundwater pollution in various ways. One of the most effective methods is to purify groundwater through physical, chemical, and biological treatments. This process involves suspending contaminants from the water using physical filters or chemical adsorption such as activated carbon before it passes through the filtration systems.

Natural Disasters

From fires, to ice storms and tornadoes, Texas sees its fair share of natural disasters. In times like these, spills from plants and trucks can erupt, trees can dangerously down  electrical wires, and cause long-term damage for plants, wildlife, and people, if issues aren’t immediately resolved.

TAS Environmental Services specializes in emergency response for the communities we serve. Our team is always on top of the latest natural disaster on the horizon and will be ready to answer the call.

We handle chemical spills, oil spills, cleanup, and more. If your community is at risk of a destructive natural disaster, make sure you have TAS Environmental Services on its side.

Industrial Chemical Spills

Facilities that regularly utilize hazardous chemicals are at great risk of industrial chemical spills that impact their immediate work environment. Harsh chemical spills not only put the environment at risk if they seep out of the building, but they also put your employees at risk in their attempt to handle and clean up a spill.

Working with TAS means that your team has 24/7 access to a responsive chemical spill team that can quickly quarantine your spill, effectively clean up the mess, and ensure your location is safe for use after our work is complete.

We can handle material emergencies small and large. So, no matter your chemical spill, you can trust TAS Environmental Services to stay on top of the problem.

Need Environment Remediation Services? TAS Environmental Services can Help!

If your community has been impacted by a natural disaster, never let the damages fester. Trust the experts of TAS Environmental Services to step in immediately and clear the danger from your environment.

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