Vacuum Services

Industrial Vacuum Services for Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Waste Streams

Grit traps, separators, and other tanks need industrial vacuum service. Our fleet handles both scheduled and emergency calls safely and with integrity.
Our turnkey vacuum services include safe transportation and disposal of your waste streams.
This is how we ensure our customers prevent or minimize the environmental impacts when an incident occurs.

Industrial Vacuum Services

  • Turnkey industrial vacuum services
  • Safe transportation
  • Safe disposal of waste streams

Do You Want One Provider Who Can Service Both Haz and Non-Haz or Several Vendors Who Specialize in Different Things?

TAS Environmental Services is passionate about safety on the job and is always 100% compliant in handling your waste, using only environmentally safe and responsible practices. We regularly work with the DOT, EPA, and other agencies, sharing the goals of environmental compliance and safety.