Environmental Remediation Services

Environmental Remediation and Decontamination Services

What Is Environmental Remediation?

Remediation means ‘to stop or reverse environmental damage.’ Our customers rely on our experience and training in times of need.
In environmental remediation projects, TAS Environmental Services is committed to those relationships in the following areas:

Environmental Remediation and Decontamination Services

  • Soils – Evacuation/Safe Disposal
  • Spill – Cleanup/Prevention
  • Groundwater/Wastewater
  • HazMat Remediation
  • Phase 1 & 2 Audits
  • Abandoned Waste Handling
  • Facility Decontamination/Closure
  • Maintenance including HazMat Plans, Drum Management

Environmental Remediation During Severe Weather Events

When serious storms and other weather events occur, environmental remediation is often required.

For over two decades, we have been a dependable partner for environmental remediation services, supporting our customers in the containment and treatment of soils and surface water. Our commitment to environmental safety and regulatory compliance sets us apart from environmental remediation companies. 

We proactively equip your facility with essential containment and cleanup materials like absorbents, booms, and spill kits, ensuring you’re well-prepared for any potential environmental events. Our dedication to maintaining safety and environmental standards consistently exceeds industry requirements.

Remediation Stops or Reverses Environmental Damage

We consistently maintain safety and environmental standards above the required levels.
When events or environmental emergencies do occur, our teams work on-site handling groundwater, soils, and contaminated materials. TAS always works in compliance with DOT, EPA, and all recognized authorities, maintaining safety and environmental standards consistently above required levels.
Our team will oversee and handle your soil excavation and safe disposal, take care of your spills, and help you completely decontaminate your facility.
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