What Is Environmental Remediation?

Having a name on call for remediation services in Texas is essential for any industrial site, manufacturing enterprise, or municipality. Remediation experts formulate plans to either stop or reverse environmental damage. 

In many cases, we at TAS Environmental Services do both. Businesses have a serious legal and ethical responsibility to stay on top of remediation efforts. You must call in experts at the first sign of potential environmental contamination. Take a closer look at environmental remediation’s role in keeping us all safer.

What Is Environmental Remediation?

Environmental remediation efforts involve the removal of contaminants that have reached the soil, sediment, groundwater, or surface water. Remediation efforts help to purify and reclaim the damaged area to prevent environmental damage and health risks. 

Remediation steps vary based on the environment in need of remediation. The process can involve:

  • Pumping systems
  • Chemical treatments
  • Physical treatments (capping, barriers, and stabilization)
  • Biological treatments.

Who Needs Environmental Remediation?

Environmental remediation services in Texas are largely used by industrial firms, manufacturing sites, and oil refineries. There’s no limit to the size of your business when it comes to the need to responsibly handle environmental remediation. 

Any business in any industry may need this service at some point if any chemical material used for any part of production, cleaning, or maintenance inadvertently pollutes the surrounding environment.

What Is the Remediation Process?

Environmental remediation always involves a series of appropriate steps to ensure that a site’s cleanup is handled properly based on all state and federal regulations. Environmental remediation experts collaborate with site owners to create long-term plans for remediating damage. The steps include:

  • Detection of contamination.
  • Investigation into cause, location, and contamination spread.
  • Assessment of the scope of the contamination.
  • Determination of the appropriate remedial measure.
  • Activation of a plan for site cleanup.
  • Creation of a plan for site redevelopment/long-term remediation efforts.

It’s important to note that different forms of contamination require different strategies and tools. When clients call TAS Environmental Services for environmental remediation in Texas, they can be confident that our crews will show up with the sophisticated tools for detection and remediation needed to thoroughly complete jobs of all scopes. 

When choosing the appropriate technologies to use for site remediation, our firm will consider a site’s historic details, worker safety, public safety, future use of the site, and more. Some forms of remediation that may be necessary can include:

  • Excavating soil
  • Dredging bodies of water
  • Thermal desorption
  • Oxidation
  • Soil vapor extraction
  • Pumping and treating
  • Nanoremediation
  • Bioremediation

Once remediation efforts have been completed, a final assessment will be done to confirm that risks have been neutralized. A plan for regulating the site will be made. If evidence of lingering contamination is found, a plan for additional remediation efforts can be made.

What Are the Benefits of Environmental Remediation?

Environmental remediation protects soil and drinking water from elements that can be harmful to humans, pets, and the environment. Businesses and municipalities are responsible for addressing any signs of fresh and historic contamination. 

Handling remediation properly can help a site owner to avoid legal liability. In addition, remediation preserves a site for safe future use.

Need Site Remediation Services? TAS Environmental Services Can Help!

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