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TAS Environmental Services L.P. is the premier choice for environmental services in Haughton, Louisiana.  

At TAS, we offer a comprehensive suite of services to meet the diverse needs of our clients. We adhere to all environmental regulations to ensure responsible waste management and disposal.

We provide companies of all sizes and municipalities across Haughton, Louisiana, with environmental services for any situation.

All of our locations are fully insured and operate within the stringent compliance requirements defined by Federal, state, and local government agencies. We are prepared 24/7/365. Our teams and equipment arrive on time, are fully stocked, ready to respond. Wherever and whenever. Day in and day out.

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Our Environmental & Industrial Cleaning Services

TAS Environmental Services offers a comprehensive array of industrial and environmental solutions in Haughton, Louisiana.

Our services encompass tank cleaning and vacuum truck services, ensuring thorough and efficient waste removal. We specialize in environmental remediation and decontamination, addressing pollution and hazardous materials with cutting-edge technologies. Additionally, we manage Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM), support facilities turnarounds and closures, and provide rapid response for spill clean-ups.

Our commitment to safety, compliance, and environmental responsibility makes TAS Environmental Services a trusted partner in handling diverse industrial challenges.

Emergency Response 24/7/365

Industrial Cleaning Services

Transportation Services and Box Rentals

Environmental Waste Services

Industrial Cleaning Services

TAS Environmental Services is best-in-class in the industrial cleaning services space. No one handles line, tank, or facility cleaning better than us. We are routinely called upon for plant de-commission projects, facility improvements, hydro-blasting, and related remediation tasks.


Waste Transportation Services and Box Rentals

Our customers have come to expect efficient and professional service regarding the management and transport of their waste streams. We set the bar high at TAS Environmental Services, and we’re proud of that. TAS offers the best roll-off containers in the South and Midwest. 

Hazardous & Environmental Waste Services

TAS’ environmental experts provide a turnkey option that is fast, safe, and compliant. Services include waste profiling, labels/Manifests, transportation, disposal, and LO-CAT maintenance. 

For a growing number of companies, TAS Environmental Services is the full-service, on-demand/scheduled hazardous & non-hazardous waste solution of choice. Our team is currently helping local and regional generators efficiently.


Emergency Response 24/7/365

TAS is a trusted Industrial Emergency Responder capable of managing hazardous spills, cargo releases, and/or material transfers for hazardous and non-hazardous materials. Our hazardous spill response and hazmat spill cleanup are recognized as among the best in the country. You can also call TAS for Decontamination events (decon) or Remediation for both hazardous and non-hazardous material.

Chemical & Factory Tank Cleaning

TAS Environmental Services has experienced remediation personnel and equipment for cleaning any tank, regardless of size or substance. Regular, scheduled tank cleaning services are a best-practice behavior because it improves safety, productivity, and compliance, while extending the life of the asset.


Industrial Cleaning Services

TAS has the experience and equipment to truly be best-in-class in the industrial cleaning services space. No one handles line, tank, or facility cleaning better than us. We are routinely called upon for plant de-commission projects, facility improvements, hydro-blasting, and related remediation tasks.

NORM Waste Disposal Services

Oil production and other processes often produce naturally occurring radioactive wastes. Not many companies are licensed and trained to handle such material. TAS Environmental Services has the experience and certifications to provide feasibility studies as well as handle all the profiling and waste remediation.


Environmental Remediation Services

Remediation means ‘to stop or reverse environmental damage.’ Our customers rely on our experience and training in times of need. In remediation projects, TAS Environmental Services is committed to those relationships in the following area.

Vacuum Services

Grit traps, separators, and other tanks need service. Our fleet handles both scheduled and emergency calls safely and with integrity. Our turnkey vacuum services include safe transportation and disposal of your waste streams. This is how we ensure our customers prevent or minimize the environmental impacts when an incident occurs.

TAS delivers best-in-class environmental waste and industrial cleaning services.

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